30 years in the field of education, as Principal, life has made my belief stronger on this famous Chinese proverb – Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.

Hence the ultimate aim of me and my team is to create a space where children and teachers alike can grow in a holistic learning environment that celebrates the diversity of intelligence and innate talents of every child. We do this by adopting proven and effective educational technologies and methodologies to create the best learning environment for our children. At Defence we do not believe in quantity rather we believe in quality, mainly focusing on child and teacher ratio we never cross 20:1 parameter for our classroom training. This not only gives each child their share of teachers individual attention but also suppresses the need for after-school coaching, hence easing their mental pressure.

Young people encounter a rigorous challenge in a highly supportive environment and with this careful preparation, year after year, our talented graduates head out into the world with the confidence to thrive and the conviction to make a difference.

So let us welcome you to campus, walk the pathways with us, and get to know the warmth and strength of our school first hand.That feeling is real – that’s Defence Public School

Manju Sharma

(Principal since 1988)

Our Mission

At Defence Public School we ensure the educational enviornment,where every child,despite their background and learning ability,as equal access to the best learning opportunities through information,activities in multiple formats of engagement expression and learning. We provide an environment in which children cherish time spent at school. Our educational materials are multisensory and our kids follow natural path to reading, writing and problem solving. Our compassionate, well-trained, equipped, and motivated staff is prepared to help the children grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

We incorporate 21st Century learning ideas, competency and experience expert insights from the Reggio Emilia, Jean Piaget, and Waldorf philosophies about basic early childhood development learning in our activities.

Comprehensive early care and education program at Defence, profoundly nurtures children and prepares them for lifelong happiness.

  • Your child will be nurtured toward confidence, social success, academic achievement and school readiness.
  • Your child will be safe in a clean, organized and educational environment.
  • The teacher-child and teacher-parent relationships will complement your parent-child relationship.
  • You will enjoy a trusted partnership with your child’s principal and teachers.

The Defence Public School experience will promote your child’s sense of belonging, as well as ensure healthy cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!